Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thameside – 4 September 2010

We had signed up for one of the infrequent Saturday openings of an original 'Arts & Crafts' house on the banks of the Thames at Hammersmith. This was a fascinating look at a house which has remained unchanged for about 150 years. It was decorated in the 1920's, by Emery Walker, a friend an neighbour of William Morris, the whole house was full of handmade items/paintings by various famous names of the era, absolutely delightful.

We were reminded that this weekend may be our last chance to enjoy the summer, so decided to follow the Thames out of London, around the Windsor area. There are still areas relatively close to London, which are new to us. We found the largest area of lowland heathland in England on Cobham Common. The heather was still in bloom, and we were able to enjoy a walk in the sun.

Much of the land around Windsor Castle belongs to the Crown, and there are many pleasant drives through forests, and beside lakes and on one of these roads, beside Virginia Water, we came across the remains of a Roman Temple. Apparently it was shipped back from the Roman city of Leptis Magna in Libya in 1816 and given to the Prince Regent.

We ended the day at Bray, another Thames-side town This delightful town is home to anomalies such as the Fishmongers Jesus Hospital and two Michelin Star restaurants. We didn't venture into either.

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