Tuesday, September 07, 2010

MG's & Aircraft – 5 September 2010

The MG Y Type Club had an extra outing this year, to the annual flying day at the Shuttleworth Collection.

We met at Woburn, and set out on a driving tour, which turned out to be more tricky than usual. It is always important to keep a careful check on the next instruction on these excursions, but we first ran into trouble a couple of miles from the start, when a Road Closed sign appeared on the road we were supposed to take. This caused rather a detour, and we were able to work out when we had resumed the route, only to be stumped a short time later, by the printers omitting an entire page from the instructions!! The organiser kindly led us through the missing instructions, until we could resume following the printed instructions again. This all added to the fun, and we enjoyed the picturesque villages on the route.

The Shuttleworth Collection is a unique collection of mainly early planes, many from the two World Wars.

Despite being rather windy, most planes were able to take part in the displays, and we enjoyed the wide variety of small planes from a tri-plane to a recently built old-time kitset plane. The MG's owners enjoyed the view from reserved parking as close to the flight-line as was possible even though we arrived well after most of the other spectators.

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