Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cavtat - 19 September 2010

 Clearly if one is camping and flying home it is desirable to have a dry tent to pack in one's suitcase.

The weather forecast was for settled weather as fas as we knew and a check outsde at 0530 showed a clear and starry sky. So to hear the pitter-patter of tiny rain drops at 0630 was not a welcome sound but it did get us of to an early start. 

 As the rain gently fell we scrambled to get our gear into the car, not overly sure what we would do with a disorganised car-load of stuff in the pouring rain. The prospect of repacking it all under a service-station forecourt did not appeal. However, the rain was just enough to wet the tent and get us moving and although it had stopped, the sky still looked very threatening so the pressure was still on to pack-n-go.
As it was, it did not rain again and we enjoyed our last breakfast at Molunat in the glorious sunshine while the tent dried sufficiently to be packed away.

Just nearby the airport is the town of Cavtat and since we had such an early start we had plenty of time to wander around Civtat's two headlands and admire the mega-yachts tied up along the quay.

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