Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to the south of Croatia - 17 September 2010

As Krka is inland from the coast we decided to return to Dubrovnik via the inland route rather than the coast we had already seen. A guide book suggested that Drsni was worth a look but apart from a ruined fort left over from when the Venetians and Turks were scrapping over the area we couldn't see much to hold our attention so moved on south to Sinj which had even less to recommend it. Feeling rather desperate for a tourist “fix” we headed back towards the coast to visit Klis. This is a ruined fortification at a fabulous location guarding a pass up from the coast. The elevated vantage point afforded 360 views but unfortunately the distance was shrouded in a mirky fug.

EU money has provided a very flash motor-way down the interior of the country so we picked this up here and drove as far south as current construction permitted before heading back down the coast road from Ploce.

We had a bit of fun finding a campground for the night as locations that might look good in a book in reality turn out to be on a busy road, too far from the beach in either distance or height, closed, or simply scruffy.

Just before we ran out of Croatia and ended back in Montenegro we found a great spot at Molunat and settled in for the remainder of our time here.

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