Sunday, September 26, 2010

Molunat – 18 September 2010

For anyone wanting an idyllic spot in “another world”, then head for Molunat. We felt we had found a little touch of paradise. But unfortunately, paradise was not in touch with the real world. We arrived with 208kn in our wallet, and expected to pay by card, as we had done everywhere else in Croatia.

Unfortunately this rural backwater has not changed to the world of online payments, so by carefully selecting our dinner last night, we had just enough to dine. Saturday's priority was to find an ATM to pay for our campsite, and eat again. Fortunately we had asked for help with this, and a local lad directed us to Gruda. But on arriving, it looked most unpromising. But as we believed he understood our request, we persevered, and found a bank and working ATM off the main road.

Having left camp, we explored this corner of Croatia. The guide book said it is still very rural, and to expect locals dressed in national costume. Sure enough, we did see local dress, and the little settlements were quite delightful. We checked out a recommended restaurant for later, and a fort described as the most important in the area.
The fort took a little finding as there were no brown tourist signs anywhere on the road to it and when we finally located the fort we discovered why. They are clearly in the process of making it into a tourist attraction with renovation work to the walls of the fort and beautiful wide pathways leading to it from an unfinished carpark. We were just a little ahead of the programme as it was as secure as Fort Knox.

Defeated we returned to Molunat and enjoyed the crystal clear 22C water and 25C sunshine. What's not to like about that combination?

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