Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Tale of Two Pubs – 18-19 June 2011

Summer has totally deserted the UK, and Saturday was a series of heavy showers, just the day to enjoy a leisurely pub lunch. We met up with the Kent contingent and enjoyed an excellent meal at the 'Little Brown Jug'. In Chiddingstone Causeway It was a great way to spend the day.

Sunday was a little better, with the showers forecast to be less heavy, so we set off for The Bell in Godstone, for the start of the SW MG Club summer outing. The route through leafy country lanes, and some new stunning villages, lead us to the Newhaven Fort.

Built in 1860 by a 22 year old engineer who, for the first time in the UK, used concrete to build the fort. Previously, the technique for fort building, was to level the land to sea level before building the fort. But he used the steep cliffs as part of his defences, and built the fort at the top of the cliff. Adding more moat-like trenches and a drawbridge on the landward side for extra security.

The fort was high enough up to see the rain pouring in the distance on the land side, but we were in a microclimate of sunshine, and struck no rain until making our way home.

Having been impressed with the Bell and it's menu in the morning, we decided to stop for an early dinner on the way home. The food was imaginative, and obviously has competition in the village, as there were more lovely old historic Inns in the village, obviously a great place to stop and eat if passing through. Godstone itself is definitely worth a visit.

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