Sunday, June 12, 2011

Farewell to the Baltics – 5 June 2011

We felt very pleased with our Baltic experience. The weather was terrific, which is certainly not a given in this area, and in true contrariness, the wonderful heat and sunshine of our first two days in Stockholm dropped about 10 C for our final day.

We used the day to visit some more of the sights, using our Stockholm Card. First up was the city royal residence. Not on the same opulent standard of the British Palaces, but still a great place to visit. We also watched the changing of the guard, and felt the same. Maybe we are biased, but the Brits know how to do pomp and ceremony and the discipline of the movement of the soldiers on command is world's apart.

Near the Palace is the Nobel Museum, this was interesting, and we were able to look up Ernest Rutherford's entry as an award winner.

Our final museum was the History Museum, to look at the Gold Room. Years of finding Viking hoards have allowed the Swedes to accumulate a terrific haul of exciting treasure troves. It must be so exciting to stumble on such a find, we enjoyed just looking at them.

A final walk back along the waterfront; a final waterfront meal, and it was time to head home. We really enjoyed Stockholm, it really is a very attractive city with it's various islands (apparently 24,000), walking paths around the waterfronts in many places (some on the Baltic and some on the 120km long Lake Malaren) and lovely old buildings. We wondered if this was due to less destruction during the war. On a hot summers day, it would be hard to beat.

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