Sunday, June 12, 2011

Capital Ring: Richmond to Boston Manor – 11 June 2011

Today was the annual Trooping of the Colour, and after a lazy start, watching it on TV, the sun came out and we set out to walk another section of the Capital Ring.

Starting at Richmond (one of our favourite parts of London), we set off along the Thames. The first part of the walk was adjacent to the Old Deer Park crossing one of the early Meridian lines that was set up in the time of George III.

After leaving Richmond behind, we approached the small township of Isleworth. This is a very attractive sight, and to approach it the Thames Path goes straight along the veranda of the Town Wharf Pub. This made it a very appealing place to stop for a drink. Despite the wonderful view from the balcony right above the Thames, looking downstream to Islesworth, the Pub seemed fairly deserted.
This was in contrast to the London Apprentice pub just down the Thames Path, where all the riverside tables were full. This pub has an interesting history, dating from Tudor times, apprentices along with their tutor, rowed to this pub to celebrate the completion of their apprenticeship.

Syon House came next, we've previously visited this magnificent house. Leaving the Thames, after Syon we passed through built-up area crossing over to the Grand union Canal at Brentford Lock where the canal boats dropped the last few feet to match the Thames water level. This is a very appealing area of new apartments facing the canal. The walk followed the canal to Osterley Lock and onto Boston Manor Station.

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