Friday, June 10, 2011

From Riga to Stockholm – 2 June 2011

Today, we completed the final stage in our Baltic 'Cruise', by flying to Stockholm. The flight was not until 14.25, so we had a leisurely start to the day, and walked to the large Central Markets. These were colourful and sold everything you might need, except furniture.
The markets extended way past the original market buildings, and the area around contained just as many stalls. We were fascinated by the old women who seemed to have their own corner and stood there with arms covered in stockings. By the look of the stockings, they were designed to appeal to similarly aged women.

We did one final circuit of the old town, before returning to pack and check out. It seemed odd that our door card no longer worked, and at reception we were told we had exceeded our 12 noon check out time. It appeared we had spent two days in Riga, unaware that it is an hour later than Oslo. So our leisurely morning came to an abrupt end, and we jumped on the next bus to the airport, only to discover that our flight was late!

The airport Ryanair use is 80 minutes out of Stockholm, so we finally made it to our hotel five hours after racing out the Riga hotel. But with the long northern days, there was still plenty of time to explore Gamla Stan – the old town. It is largely pedestrianised, and we managed to find the smallest street, which is a whole block long, but only 1m wide. Gamla Stan is an island, in fact Stockholm is built on many islands, and the areas of the city that we could see across the water looked wonderful, there is clearly more to explore during our stay here.

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