Sunday, August 24, 2008

What to do when it rains - 18 August 2008

Stephenson's famous bridge across the TweedAlthough it was supposed to be summer, the weather was not co-operating and the misty rain set in as we were halfway round the Berwick upon Tweed city wall walk. By the time we got back to the start and could explore the town itself the mist had become proper rain.

Berwick-upon-TweedWe headed down the coast hoping for a change but it was not too be, so we visited Bamburgh Castle in the rain. It houses quite an interesting display of the various things Lord Armstrong got involved with; ranging from experiments with static electricity, through hydraulics, to the production of 285 ton guns mounted on railway carriages.

Alnwick Castle's TreehouseA little further south is Preston Tower, a remnant of a fortified dwelling from the time when the Scottish-English border was hotly disputed. We just had time to fit in a quick Alnwick Castle's Treehouserepeat visit to the State Rooms at Alnwick Castle before sitting down to a delicious dinner in the rather quaint Tree-house Restaurant.

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