Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Red Square, Moscow - 3 August 2008

A convent in Moscow
The closer we got to Moscow the more the weather deteriorated until it was raining quite solidly.
Around Red SquareAround Red Square

It lifted for a time but still was very misty and as we set off for our Moscow city bus tour the rain returned so we walked a grey and dismal Red Square in the rain. Needless to say, it was not damp, grey or dismal in the GUM store, rather it was warm, bright and sparkly but there was insufficient time to explore the many avenues of shops in the GUM.
Ceramic decoration at the Northern River Port buildingInside the GUM
One of the optional evening activities was the Russian National Dance Show so, after an early dinner, we were taken to the Cosmos Hotel for the show which, as one would expect with a performance by the Russian National Ballet company 'Kostroma', was absolutely wonderful.
Around Red SquareAround Red Square
Before the intermission the history of Russia was told in dance and after the interval, various folk dances and songs were performed with stunning costumes and terrific choreography.

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