Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Russian cruise - 26 July 2008

MS BuninOne of the current sources of civic pride is St Petersburg is the new ring road motorway around three sides of the city. We were proudly introduced to this as we rode it from the airport to the river port to embark on the MS Bunin. However, not to far along I noticed that all the vehicles in the right-hand lane were actually reversing against the flow of traffic. Just then the guide noticed and commented and then the driver decided that there was good reason for this strange behaviour (a traffic jam ahead) and decided to join the movement. Russian stacking dolls (matryoshka)So, our first new experience in Russia was reversing along the motorway to the off-ramp we had just passed.

Taking an alternate route it was not too long before we arrived at the Neva River port where 5 river cruise ships were docked and we were shepherded aboard the Ivan Bunin and assigned our cabins.

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