Monday, August 25, 2008

Henry was here too - 23 August 2008

Our friendly weather forecasters predicted that east of London would be a better bet today, and promised fine weather, so we fired up the MG and set off for Mill Green.
Blackmore churchBlackmore church
Our walk took us from there to Blackmore, the location of the Jericho Priory, birthplace of Henry VIII’s bastard son Henry Fitzroy. Also in the area was a bordello that Henry VIII is supposed to have kept and this has given rise to the phrase ‘gone to Jericho’, as the courtiers would use this as code-speak for when the King was off visiting the ladies.
Espalier pears at Ingatestone HallIngatestone Hall

Ingatestone Hall GatehouseReturning to Mill Green we enjoyed a picnic during rare spot of English summer and then visited Ingatestone Hall, a sixteenth century manor house built by Sir William Petre, Secretary of State to four Tudor Monarchs. Sir Mountnessing windmillWilliam's descendants live in the House to this day.

After a brief afternoon tea stop at the foot of the Mountnessing windmill we meandered our way back to London via the back routes and several quite forgetable villages.

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