Friday, October 14, 2011

White Mountains – 2 October 2011

We presume that the White Mountains are not named that because of the low white mist hanging over them but it was certainly an accurate descriptor today as we motored up from Conway to Bretton Woods and around to Fracona Notch State Park. The incessant rain made any view further than the immediate side of the road impossible to see and most viewpoints and rest-areas were driven straight by as there was nothing to see in any direction.

We pulled off at the State Park to check on the conditions at the Cannon Aerial Tramway but there was no possibility we would see anything so decided to gamble on a better day tomorrow and drove on down to North Woodstock.

The campground there was pretty uninviting so after we secured our site and checked it out in the daylight we motored back into the Woodstock Inn and Brewery which is built in a relocated railway station and settled ourselves in for a game of Carcasonne while the rain did its thing outside.

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