Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Onwards and Upwards – 29 September 2011

Sadly for touring, the day started with rain, which was fairly constant all day long. We travelled north-west from Lake George through a winter sport mountain area, to Quechee Gorge.

On the way, Woodstock was a stunning town, even on a dreary day. But the approach to Woodstock from the south, was a very different story. The effects of Hurricane Irene were very obvious still. Cars in the river bed, houses collapsed, silt all across field and car parks. The workers were out in force with all types of earth moving equipment.

Just before our campsite we found the stunning scenic Quechee Gorge. The historic bridge from 1911 passes over a deep chasm, lined with trees. This bridge was so far above the river level, that the hurricane floods caused no problems here.

At the information centre, we saw an advertisement for Sugar Bush Farm maple and cheese centre. This tempted us down some minor back roads that took us through the town of Quechee. The effects of the devastation here were also very dramatic.
Their historic covered bridge was fairly battered and the approach road had mostly disappeared. The golf course was a disaster, large areas of deep silt had a few green mounds rising out of the grey, and the sight of a green pin-flag still on top of one was rather incongruous.

Sugar Bush Farm offered cheese and maple syrup tasting. We enjoyed both and of course they achieved their goal of luring us into their shop to make some purchases.

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