Friday, October 14, 2011

The party is complete – 1 October 2011

Today's mission was to rendezvous with Janine at Conway where her 5 hour bus ride from Boston (after 35 hours flying/transiting from Auckland) was to deliver her. En route we called in at an RV yard to have our RV checked for a propane leak.
The reason was that last night the alarm sounded three times and the smell they tag propane with was was very strong. The RV guy confirmed that there was a leak but could not locate it with the quick checks he could perform.

We reported this to the hire firm and they arranged for a service-man to visit us at our next campground. He arrived and checked all internal and external places and could not find a leak. We drove into town, had dinner, returned to camp and the propane alarm sounded almost as soon as we had set up. Totally frustrated, we located a hotel room and moved in.

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