Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pretty in pink - 8 March 2008

Trent Park daffodilsIt is daffodil time again and we were told that Trent Park had good daffodil displays so we went to check it out. While we were too early for some beds, others were in full bloom and there were many roadside displays on the way there and back to brighten the drive through suburbia.

Forty HallWe also visited Forty Hall, home of the Parker Bowles until 1951. On display there is a photo of a cupboard door that has the heights of children recorded on it dating back to the 17th C. There are over 600 names, dates and heights recorded on this one door.

South Lodge, Whitewebb EstateWe walked to the Hall from the parking area at the Whitewebb golf course which is near the South Lodge; from the days when this area was all part of the Whitewebb Estate. This is the first Grade II listed building we have seen that is pink to the top of its chimney pots.

Taking the dog for a walkArriving at the hall we chanced across a lady who had a totally new approach to taking her dog for a walk.

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