Monday, March 24, 2008

Island hopping - 19 March 2008

ParosAt 06:05 our taxi had not appeared so when another cruising taxi enquired if we wanted a ride we accepted. The traffic was light and we were at the ferry far too early but that was far better than missing the boat. NaxosAfter 4 hour's cruising we arrived at Paros and after a short stop we were off again bound for Naxos then Ios before finally arriving at Santorini at 4pm.

Those passengers not being met by drivers from their hotels crammed aboard a bus that could not possibly cope with Iosthe summer crowds and were taken up the switchback road from the port to Fira, the main town on the island.

Ioa on SantoriniAfter locating our accommodation we wandered to the top of Fira, past the terminal for the recently built cable car and then found a restaurant for dinner.


Many more photos here

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