Sunday, March 02, 2008

Capital Ring - 2 March 2008

FungiHaving had a city based, pavement walk on Saturday we like to alternate with a “country” walk where the ground is softer underfoot. One of the beauties of London is that you do not actually have to leave the city to have such a walk; there are so many Wharncliffe Viaductinterconnected green spaces that are readily available. One way to enjoy them is using the Capital Ring series of walks. There are two walking tracks that circumnavigate London: the inner Capital Ring and the outer London Loop. Each is broken into manageable chunks, usually based on rail links.

Canal mile markerBy judiciously parking our car near one station we were able to take a £1 Tube journey, walk the 5.5 miles of section 8 of the Capital Ring about a mile of section 9 then carry on another mile or so along the canal back to where we had left the car.

A labyrinth weirThe walk began on the Grand Union Canal where it uses the Brent River; and near the start of the walk was a mile post giving the distance to Braunston, a wonderful reminder of our own canal trip when Braunston was the place we turned and retraced our journey. Not long after that, the river and canal divided and we followed the non-navigable Brent River back towards Greenford before joining the Paddington branch of the Grand Union Canal.

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