Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Isle of Capri - 5 October 2007

The islands which are Capri's icon30 minute's walk from Hotel Angelina is the main Sorrento port from where one can catch a ferry to Naples, Capri, Amalfi, Positano and so on. We boarded a ferry bound for Capri where we quickly discovered it stood for Chaotic And Rip-off Prices Included. They say that the crossing to the Isle of Wight is the most expensive sea crossing in the world but the trip to the Isle of Capri may well be a close second.

Lighthouse on the south-west cornerBefore leaving the Capri harbour we purchased a ticket for a trip to the Blue Grotto. There are various ways to get there: overland by taxi or bus; or by boat directly for €10 or right around the island for only €13. We chose the last method and enjoyed a fascinating circumnavigation. The organised chaos at the grotto entrance was amazing but eventually it was our turn to part with more money. €4 for entrance to the grotto and €5 for the man to row you in (4 per boat) on top of which he made it very clear that he expected a tip at the end of the trip. They must take a sizeable wedge of Euros home at the end of the day. Despite the cost the Blue Grotto is one of the must-see sights of Capri.

The Blue Grotto

Marina Grande, CapriBack at the harbour it was time to leave sea level and explore the heights. We caught a bus, eventually, to Anacapri for a look at the highest settlement on the island and, from there, another bus to Capri itself. Bus travel on Capri is another unmissable adventure. St Michael church floorAfter a wander round the narrow streets, carefully avoiding all the over-priced goods in the shops, we descended to the harbour via a flight of stairs. Much easier going down than up! In Anacapri we chanced across St. Michael Church that has the entire floor made of painted ceramic tiles which form one gigantic picture. It is worth a detour if you are in the area. Casa RossaAnd while you are there, check out Casa Rossa (the red house.)

Marina Grande, SorrentoBack at Sorrento we headed for the old town with its pedestrianised streets then down to the original fishing village marina where the fishermen were mending their nets at the end of the day. The old boys playing cards in SorrentoAs it was also the end of our day, we walked back through Sorrento old town and Sorrento new town to Sant 'Agnello and our hotel, tired but satisfied.

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