Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reflections - 21 October 2007

Early morning on the River NeneAnother fine and frosty day was perfect for a morning walk around a country park, the River Nene and some water-sport lakes within the Peterborough area.

Wansford BridgeA recent TV production recommended visiting Wansford & Yarwell. Both towns are built of lovely stone, miniature versions of the nearby stunning town of Stamford. Wansford was the prettier of the two; in particular it's 10 span medieval bridge.

Why the long faces boys?Our final stop of the day was Burghley House, home to the famous Burghley Horse Water Garden at Burghley HouseTrials. This stunning house was built by Lord Cecil in Tudor times. They have recently added a lovely water garden, based on the trick water garden built by Lord Cecil. On such a glorious day the gardens looked wonderful.

Burghley House

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