Thursday, October 11, 2007

Amalfi Coast - 7 October 2007

PositranoSaturday's storm finally calmed down sometime after midnight leaving the air washed clean of all the pollutants that had been spoiling the views so far. If the weather were to stay dry, the clear air would be good news for our drive along the Amalfi Coast. The best we could get from the locals regarding tomorrow’s weather had been Amalfi Cathedral crypt"same as today" so just in case, we set off early to cross the Sorrento peninsula to the Amalfi side. As it turned out we should probably have stayed in bed a little longer as the weather got progressively better through the day as we followed the storm along the coast.

The first tourist trap along the coast is Positrano but the weather was still a little inclement as we arrived and the day still somewhat gloomy. AmalfiWe drove through the town but decided to press on to Amalfi where we stopped for a look at the Amalfi Cathedralcathedral where, in the ornately decorated crypt, is the final resting place of the bones of St Andrew (or so they say). We detoured off the coast road to Ravello, our favourite town of the day. Back on the coast road we enjoyed the vistas and villages until Veitri sul Mare, the home of the local distinctive ceramic industry
This village marks the end of the Amalfi Coast road, another World Heritage Site, so we joined the highway to skirt the city of Salerno en route to our overnight destination, Paestum.

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