Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Watts Gallery & Chapel – 1 April 2012

A recent TV programme reminded us to visit Watts Chapel in Surrey. This was a life's work for Mary Watt, the wife of artist George Watts. It is a stunning terracotta building, made with clay found by their home, and every surface inside decorated. This is definitely a place to spend some time for reflection.

From here, we did an eight mile circular walk to Guildford and back. The walk joined the Wey canal for the last part of the walk. Along the canal in Guildford are several lovely pubs, so we were spoilt for choice for an relaxing lunch.

Suitably fortified, we climbed the hill to see the modern cathedral, started before WWII, and completed afterwards. Although plain stone, it nevertheless gives an idea what the major cathedrals must have looked like when fresh and new.

The return walk finished at the Watts Gallery. This gallery was built to exhibit his work, and after a recent makeover, it houses permanent and temporary exhibitions of the art of GF Watt.

Our favourite was 'The Hall of Fame'. This is a collection of Watts portraits of contemporaries. Many had photos beside them, which highlighted his skill as a portrait painter.

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