Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Amersham – 31 March 2012

The town of Old Amersham is a real visual treat. Just a few miles from Chorleywood, it has a feel of stepping back in time, with not a single building in the High Street, out of keeping with bygone eras. Much of it is instantly recognisable to addicts of TV dramas.

We did an eight mile circular walk, starting in the centre of town. The walk took us through a number of other smaller towns, apart from the lovely town of Little Missenden, none of the other towns came close to the appeal of Old Amersham.

Spring daffodils are nearly over in London, but out here, spring started later, and the daffodils are still at their peak. English countryside walking is nothing to do with a destination, just the enjoyment of the fresh air, the seasons and walking through appealing villages, and of course a pub lunch.

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