Sunday, March 25, 2012

Santander -16 March 2012

For our last European fling we decided to visit a city that we had attempted to visit many years ago but had been thwarted by airline schedules, Santigo de Compostela.

This time instead of the direct approach we planned an indirect assault. We flew first to Santander, arriving quite late in the evening. The hotel was a hidden gem, Jardin Secreto, just a small hotel and the proprietors appeared to have waited up for us as the flight had been delayed. Once they had settled us in,they told us where to find a good restaurant and we set off to walk to the port area of Santander.

Arriving at Casa Lita we were assailed by a wall off noise and activity and felt a little bewildered by our first experience of pinchos.

Fortunately, there was someone with reasonable English available and it was only a short wait until a table came free (we weren't keen on standing to eat at the bar all night) and we settled in to begin the experience. We have very little idea of what we may have consumed all we know is that it was delicious. They were slices of baguette topped with a variety of goodies, most were heated in the microwave after ordering and some served just as they were. The scrummy desert was massive and the whole evening was very good value.

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