Sunday, March 25, 2012

End of our pilgrimage – 21 March 2012

After a leisurely start and a delicious hotel breakfast we set off to explore the eastern side of the town, where the markets are situated, then climbed up to a viewpoint where there used to be an old cemetery.

It is in the traditional Spanish style of vertically stacked repositories and was obviously quite old but curiously every identifying feature had been removed and/or plastered over. One was left wondering what had happened to all the "occupants".

After checking out there was time for one last slow amble through town to catch the airport bus.

One last special treat awaited us at Stansted: We were among the first off the plane and found that there was absolutely no one in the immigration queues for either the EU citizens or the “Rest of the World”. This is simply unheard of in our many, many Stansted arrivals over the past 11 years and since it was probably our very last Stansted arrival it was a wonderful way to finish our European odyssey.

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