Friday, December 24, 2010

Snow in the countryside - 19 December 2010

The snow finished on Saturday as abruptly as it began, and left a thick white blanket over the whole Greater London area. Surprisingly, the trains out of London were all running, so we decided to head for the countryside by train, to enjoy the snow.

Sevenoaks is a pleasant town, south-east of London, just outside the M25. The fast train got us there in 30 minutes from central London, and after looking around the snowy town, we enjoyed walking around the National Trust property of Knole. The large Tudor mansion was closed for winter, but the park is open to visitors, and it was brilliant to walk around some of the park, watching the deer apparently oblivious to the cold, trying to find some nourishment beneath the snow. Families were out with sleds and toboggans, enjoying the wide open slopes.

A hot pub meal was the perfect way to fortify ourselves for the train trip back home.

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