Friday, December 03, 2010

Chiltern Run – 28 November 2010

One of our MG Club friends organised his own Chiltern's run, ending up at Windsor. We think we know the Chilterns quite well, so were amazed to find all sorts of new back roads, we have never discovered before. Fortunately the ice hadn't reached this part of the country yet, and we had no worries negotiating the narrow roads.

Enroute we stopped at the Bishop Shopping Centre, and were very tempted in a beautiful furniture shop, by a brilliant array of wall plaques. We were seriously thinking of buying one, when the shop assistant said in a sales clinching fashion - “Yes, they are imported all the way from New Zealand”. We still admired the plaque just was much, but it actually seemed silly to pay twice to freight it around the world!!

We ended the day in Windsor, just as the daylight ended, and it was the perfect time to end our outing with a meal at a pub on the High Street.

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