Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Thames and beyond – 1 August 2010

Clara was dying for an outing, having heard her younger sister had romped all over Europe, so we invited Ngaire and Stuart to go out with us for a sedate Sunday drive.

Lunch was first on the menu, in the Walled Garden at Sunbury-on-Thames. This garden with its fabulous embroidery exhibition, was definitely worth a repeat visit, and we enjoyed being inspired by their millennium embroidery again, and admiring some new works.

From here we drove across the Chilterns, via Henley-on-Thames to Greys Court. We hadn't visited here since 2002, and there seemed a lot more to see, the most interesting outdoor feature was the donkey wheel. This huge wheel, powered by a donkey walking inside it, was used to draw water up from the 200 foot deep well. The contraption dates from Tudor times, and was used up until 1914.

The house is still presented as a well loved country home, and we could just imagine living here.

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