Thursday, August 05, 2010

Back to London – 31 July 2010

After a morning at Ikea, which seems like a home show, without the entry fee, we headed into London. Every year, the Serpentine Gallery has a Pavilion, designed by an artist. This year it is designed by Jean Nouvel, and is an unmissable red landmark structure, with all the accessories to the cafe in red, along with red table tennis tables and a red hammock. We loved it, and stopped by for a coffee.

Another new feature of London parks this summer, is colourful prints on the deck chairs. These were harder to track down, but eventually we found some of the new chairs in St James's Park. We secured ours just in time for an hour long band performance. The sun was shining, the band played well, what more could we ask from London in the summer!

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