Friday, July 23, 2010

Sur le Pont – 13 July 2010

Today's theme was bridges: Starting with the town we camped in – Le Malene – we drove through the spectacular Tarn Gorge, with many rock arches for the road to wind through, to morning coffee at another bridge town – Les Vignes. The itinerary was planned simply to take us to Millau, but the route itself proved to be a major scenic attraction.

In Millau, we were able to get printed instructions from the Tourist office (no doubt in high demand), to take a trip over the new bridge, which broke a number of records when it was built. A specially built viewpoint has a display about the making of the bridge, and then the drive over the 2.5km length goes all too soon.

Our fourth bridge was Pont du Gard. This section is the most impressive section that remains of the 50km Roman aqueduct, designed to provide water for Nimes. The sun was baking hot by now, and the well presented history of the bridge, construction, and water in Roman times, was a very cool respite from the heat.

Our final destination of the day was Avignon, and of course the Pont, made famous in the nursery rhyme we had learnt in French lessons.

We enjoyed walking around the town in the early evening, watching the performers there for the annual festival of arts, and generally enjoying the atmosphere of a lively buzzing town, before returning to our tranquil campsite and an excellent 3 course meal, the main was duck cooked in a local Provencial way - absolutely delicious.

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