Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bolzano and beyond – 19 July 2010

The road into Bolzano follows a gorge which makes a very dramatic entrance to the city. Bolzano is a lovely old town, full of beautiful buildings, and definitely a tourist mecca. The town was full of shops offering sales – hard to resist!

After walking the town, we set off for a lake depicted in information the London Tourist Office had supplied. In the picture, the lake looked magical, surrounded by vineyards and the reality did not disappoint. We had asked when we first arrived in the area, if there was camping near this lake, and been told, no. Well it is about time the Cesi tourist office had more information for passing tourists, as we found two campsites! But we enjoyed a picnic above the lake, and moved on to San Genesio.

San Genesio is a small town high above Bolzano, reached via an amazing road, with a spiral tunnel and bridge in one place. The drive was amazing in terms of engineering, but the town a sleepy place during siesta, with amazing views over Bolzano and the Dolomites. We found one cafe open, and enjoyed a coffee, looking out over the awesome view.

The London info, also suggested a drive to the Ega Valley. This is another gorge, which in turn leads to the Fassa Valley, and we followed this up to Lake Carezza. The lake perfectly reflects a section of the Dolomites and is an absolutely stunning spot. The trees in this area are much sort after for making excellent violins and guitars as the pine wood is so fine grained

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