Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Settle, Wensleydale and beyond – 2 April 2010


RibbleheadWe made our way up from Settle to North Yorkshire, the temperature was extremely cold, and it was easy to visualise how bitter the winters must be up here. Fresh snow was on the tops of many of the moors.

Wensleydale CreamerySettle is another attractive village, and we did a short side trip to the Scalebar Force waterfall. North of here is the lovely town of Hawes, and after developing a taste for Wensleydale cheese, we had to visit the Wensleydale Creamery. This has almost closed twice, but thanks to Wallace and Gromit, it is now a very well known and popular cheese. The factory tour lets you see the cheese making process, and taste the various flavours they make.

View from the roof of Bolton CastleThe day had become bleaker and even colder, so when we visited Bolton Castle, it was easy to feel sorry for Mary Queen of Scots, who was imprisoned here. Although, as she had 51 attendants, they must have been able to make her somewhat comfortable.

Kiplin HallThe last stop of the day was rather more appealing and comfortable, Kiplin Hall was built in 1620, and added to over the years. The big contrasts of this lovely country house were the very liveable library downstairs, while upstairs one of the converted officer's flats was left untouched after its conversion by the army during World War II. The first room, made you want to live there (especially on such a miserable indoor day), the second was so run-down and awful, it was hard to believe they shared the same roof.

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