Monday, April 19, 2010

On the banks of the Cam – 17 April 2010

Punters passing St John's College
Corpus Christi College quadrangleToday was wall to wall sunshine for the whole of England and Wales; a perfect day to enjoy clear blue skies, with not a single vapour trail in sight. (Volcanic ash having grounded every jet.) We drove north to Cambridge, and even the roads seemed quiet. Could Luton and Stansted airports account for so much of the traffic?
Daffodils and tulips line the entrance to Trinity College Lunch spot on the banks of the Cam
Grasshopper clock - Corpus ChristiAfter parking in Grantchester we set out on the pleasant walk of about 2.5 miles along the Cam into Cambridge. There were plenty of daffodils still flowering along the backs, as we walked past the colleges. Following the Cam took us to the north end of Cambridge, and we were then able to walk back through the town, lunch by the Cam and on to the Botanical Gardens before walking back to Grantchester.

Morris dancers - GrantchesterGrantchester is an attractive small village, made famous by Rupert Brooke in his poem 'The Vicarage'. The Orchard, where he lived before living at The Vicarage, is now an extremely popular tea-room.

GrantchesterWe took the scenic back roads on the return trip to London. The first stop was Triplow. Last month they had their annual Daffodil Day, and due to the late seasons this year, there were still daffodils flowering. It must have looked stunning when they were all at their best.

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