Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lasithiou Plateau - 28 December 2009

Traditional windmill Lasithiou Plateau
Remnants of windmills arranged on ridge - Lasithiou PlateauEastern Crete has a high mountain plateau, which made a very pleasant circular drive from our base at Gournes. The drive started from Neapoli, over the mountains and through many small villages to the Lasithiou Plateau. This is an area where traditional stone based windmills have been used for centuries to grind corn. Today there are also many more of a more recent vintage, all over the plateau.
Moni Kardiotissa - 9th century church Lasithiou Plateauspring at KrasiAfter leaving the plateau, we stopped to see a small 9th century church at a convent, which contains 15th century frescoes. This is near the only memorable village on the route – Krasi. This still has washing tubs by the spring, and it is easy to imagine the women gossiping as they worked in years gone by. Lasithiou Plateau

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