Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Knossos - 27 December 2009

Sundays in winter have free entry to all Museums, so we made our way to Knossos, to take advantage of this. The site was excavated in Victorian times by a museum curator from Oxford, and much of what you see, is his interpretation of what it could have looked like. Visiting on the free day, saved us from being too critical of his handiwork.
KnossosWe followed the road from here further inland, as we had been told about the village of Archanes, which has won two awards - 2nd place for best restored village in Europe and 1st place for long term development prospects. Unfortunately we were rather underwhelmed here too, and were pleased we hadn't driven far out of our way to see it.

Archanes museumWe should have known better, but for our third visit of the day, the best we can say is that our entrance fee was at least helping the local economy. IArchanest is some years since we have visited an aquarium, but although there were plenty of large, well arranged and stocked tanks, the overall impressions was of sterile clean artificial rocks.

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