Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shires in the Sun - 16 August 2009

Oldest & newest MGs on runWe joined the Bedford MG Group for their inaugural Pilgrim's Run. This took in many villages in the shires north west of Bedford. The run overlapped another tour in our AA book, so we combined the two, to make a full day out.

None of the villages would win prizes as “most picturesque in class” but, nevertheless, provided a pleasant backdrop for a relaxing drive on a very lovely summer's day.
At the end of the run, we returned to Willington, to visit the largest dovecot to survive in the UK, which along with the stables are all that remain of the property of Sir John Gostwick, a member of Henry 8th's Court, and now comprise the only two National Trust properties in Bedfordshire.
Wilington churchWilington dovecot

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Susan said...

Why is the month October on this entry?
Maybe when the MG reaches 88 mph it's capable of time travel?