Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the Rhine - 6 August 2009

BacharachLeaving our picturesque, but rather noisy, campsite we set off up the Rhine to St Goar to catch a Rhine river boat cruise. But, having looked at the timetable, we decided we would fit more into the day if we drove further upstream to Bacharach and caught the boat from there.
Rhine CastlePfalz Castle

Rhine CastlesWe had time to explore a little of Bacharach before the boat sailed taking us on a leisurely look at what is reputed to be the best part of the Rhine. The schedule allowed us either an hour-twenty or two hours-twenty before a return sailing.

We climbed the hill behind St Goar to the Burg Rheinfels, a romantic ruin on the skyline. Once a huge and powerful citadel it is now a ruin providing Burg Rheinfelswonderful views over the Rhine. We finished the castle and realised that we had 20 minutes to get back to the wharf or we would have to fill in another hour. We made it, just – even managing to buy a drink on the way back through the main street.

BacharachAfter a pleasant, relaxing, return boat trip we spent a little more time finishing off our exploration of Bacharach before driving on to find the first bridge back across the Rhine and then headed back up the other side to Rudesheim where we found our next campsite on the banks of the Rhine.

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