Friday, July 03, 2009

Old ruins, new blooms - 28 June 2009

Cawdrey Ruins
After a fun MG Naviscat on Sunday, as we were in the Sussex area, we decided to visit Cawdrey Ruins. The Tudor house was burnt down 200 years ago, and makes it an interesting study for the experts to analyse Tudor building methods as unlike most other building from that era, it has not had any more recent alterations or renovations.
Cawdrey RuinsCawdrey Ruins
We found this interesting; but next to the ruin, inside the old kitchen garden walls, is an inspiring garden only started 5 years ago.
The Walled GardenThe Walled Garden
We fell in love with this garden, it was attractive, but felt achievable, without the need to wait a lifetime for a garden to mature.
The Walled GardenThe Walled Garden

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