Saturday, July 18, 2009

Faversham opens its doors - 11 July 2009


FavershamAfter visiting the London Open Home programme each year, it was interesting to visit the original Open Home scheme in Faversham. The Faversham Society was formed in the 60's, when a radical rebuild of the town was opposed by a group of citizens, who formed the Society. They still exist, and introduced the Open Home scheme to the UK. FavershamThis year was the 40th anniversary making it the longest running scheme of its type in the country.

Faversham has about 500 listed buildings, in fact the whole town centre appears to be historical, so it is an ideal town to have a look behind the scenes. Unlike London, most of the Open Homes were actual homes; most with exposed timber beams and impossibly steep and narrow stairs to the top floor.

FavershamThe day provided a fascinating peep inside many front doors. As a contrast to the private homes, the craftsmen's workshops on the quay were also open, and the huge Abbey Barn complex, has now become the local timber merchant.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Murray,
Thrilled to find your blog, and to know that you enjoyed Faversham and it's Open House Scheme. As an ex-kiwi I would have loved to have been able to have a chat with you when you were here. I have lived in Faversham for ten years now and have been the Hon. organiser of the Open House Scheme for five of them.
Please let all your friends know that it runs on the first three Saturdays in July every year, so if they missed it this year, they should make a note to fit it in next time!
Details are always on