Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thames Path - 31 May 2009

The Thames Path provides miles of pleasant walking, level and easygoing for a hot summer day. We decided to combine a boat trip along the Thames with a return walk along the Thames Path.
AbingdonChrist College, Oxford
Various ferry companies ply their routes along stretches of the Thames from Oxford to London. We choose an eight mile stretch starting in Abingdon and finishing in Oxford. Abingdon is well worth exploring in it's own right, but unfortunately road works held us up, so we only made it to Abingdon in time for Salters' 11.15am sailing.
Sanford LockIffley Lock
The trip was delightful on such a beautiful day; there were plenty of people out having picnics, punting, rowing eights and even swimming. Oxford was relaxed in the sunlight and after a picnic lunch on the lawn at Christ College, we set out on the return walk.
Travelling in styleRose Island
The Thames Path starts and finishes on this stretch with a pub, and there are two more on the route, so there was no shortage of refreshments. We had an early dinner at the excellent pub at Sanford Lock.
Artistry presentArtistry past
A highlight of the walk was Iffley, where we visited the 12th century church. As we neared our destination in Abingdon we collected Elder flowerheads to make this summer's batch of Elderflower cordial, another British treat we have come to enjoy.

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