Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leaving Lubeck - 21 June 2009

Travemunde LighthouseAfter a wonderful breakfast in our hotel at the foot of the Marienkirche steeples we set off to complete the walk that was interrupted by yesterday's rain. Lubeck RathausThis neatly finished at the waterfront where the various boat trips leave and we settled ourselves on the boat for Travemunde.

We had not gone far when the rain caught up with us and thus, for most of the 90-minute trip, Rathaus detailwe were confined to the cabin rather than enjoying the views from the open deck.

Fortunately the rain had finished by the time we disembarked at Travemunde allowing us free rein to explore the town and the Strand along the beach frontBrickwork detail. The oldest lighthouse in Germany is a feature of the skyline but is, unfortunately, completely overshadowed by an extremely ugly hotel/apartment tower block.

Typical of the beaches here are wicker chairs that one can hire for a day, a week or a season. These allow you to enjoy the beach while providing shelter from the cool Baltic breezes.
A lovely day for boatingWicker chairs
Our boat ticket included the bus fare for our return trip to Lubeck where we had enough time for a short recap around the square before heading back to the airport and home.

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