Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wawel Hill, Krakow -13 April 2009

Castle on Wawel Hill
On the last morning we had time to squeeze in a visit to the State Rooms in the Castle on Wawel Hill.Castle on Wawel Hill Because it was a national holiday most of the visitor areas in the Castle were closed but fortunately the State Rooms were open and free of charge. The only complication was a limited supply of tickets as the number of visitors per day is strictly limited. Castle on Wawel HillThe later, holiday, opening and our need to be at the airport to catch our return flight meant that we really had to be in the first group through. There were two ticket office locations and so we stationed ourselves at one each to ensure the bases were covered. Getting four tickets for the two of us was not a problem as we knew that one of the Kiwi Castle courtyardcouples we met on the Auschwitz trip was also going to arrive seeking tickets so that they could make the same flight.

After joining them for the tour we went our separate ways for our last look at Krakow before heading to the airport and what must have been one of the smoothest and quickest departures we have enjoyed. From the centre of Krakow till we were in the air was less than 90 minutes.

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