Monday, April 06, 2009

Country Estates - 4 April 2009

The contrast between transport of Inside Pitzhanger Manorold and today is graphically portrayed by the number of "country" houses that are now so "close" to central London. Clearly the house and London have not moved positions but the transportation nowadays is such that these "country" locations are now only a few stops on the Tube or a short bus ride.

One such place is the "country" estate of John Sloane, whose"town" house we visited in Lincoln's Inn Fields. Pitzhanger Manor is in what is now Ealing, slightly closerPitzhanger Manor from the park to London than where we live and we would certainly not consider ourselves in the "country".

The Manor is now in the hands of the local Council, has an art gallery attached and is slowly being restored by the Council to reflect its glory days. The grounds are a park and a great civic amenity.

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