Thursday, December 04, 2008

Banbury - 22 November 2008

The 'new' Banbury CrossBanbury is familiar from the nursery rhyme. Saturday was such a lovely day we did a circular drive from Banbury, after first exploring the town. The town has the iconic cross (although not the one that the nursery rhyme refers to), but also many other historic building.Entrance to Butchers Row Most interesting is the Reindeer Inn, once a haunt of Roundheads and Royalists, depending on who was in control of the town. 13th century wall paintingsIts Globe Room has an interesting history, and was returned to the pub, after nearly being shipped to America then ‘lost’ in a warehouse for over 50 years.

The circular drive took in picturesque towns such as Bloxham & Aynho. We stopped in Croughton to see the 13th century wall paintings, then on to Chipping Warden for a great pub meal before heading home.

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