Saturday, November 08, 2008

Anglesey Abbey - 2 November 2008

Anglesey AbbeyAnglesey Abbey

One of our favourite gardens is the Winter Garden at Anglesey Abbey. This year we decided to visit in autumn so that we could be there when the house was open to the public as well as the garden.
Anglesey AbbeyAnglesey Abbey

Much HadhamAs it was autumn, not winter the Winter Garden was not at its spectacular best but the autumn colours in the other areas of the property more than compensated Much Hadhamas did the chance to wander through the house left, complete with furniture, ornaments and paintings, by the man who restored it.

We made our way to Cambridgeshire via the village of Much Hadham in Hertfordshire, which was home to the sculptor Henry Moore and where the church sports two heads that are his work. It is easy to see the attraction of this picturesque village.

Much HadhamMuch Hadham

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