Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Tale of Two Cities - 12 October 2008

The morning dawned as dismal and foggy as Saturday so we sauntered down for a late breakfast before packing our bags. However, there was something slightly different about the sky, the promise that things might improve, so we set off to see a different part of the old city with views over another section of the river valley that almost encircles Luxembourg.
Looking east from the Chemin de la CornicheLooking east from the Chemin de la Corniche
By midday the sun was peeking through the fog and it was not too long after that we were enjoying full sun, a blue sky and Luxembourg looking spectacular in a cloak of autumn colours.
Looking south from the Chemin de la CornicheLooking south from the Chemin de la Corniche
We retraced many of the paths of yesterday but following a different walk, the Wenzel trail. There is no brochure available from the tourist office for this walk but, apart from the point where it crosses the bridge into Grund, it is well signposted and well worth following if you are in Luxembourg.
View from the Pont AdolpheView from the Pont Adolphe
After completing the Wenzel route we retraced our steps through the valley under the bridges and then climbed back up to the city level to admire the non-foggy views from above. "What a difference a day makes."
View from the Grund BridgeView from the Grund Bridge
As the mist began to form once more we made our way back to the Hotel Francois to collect our bags and head off to the station to begin our train trip home.

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