Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fog bound - 11 October 2008

Art above the bridge to GrundLuxembourg was shrouded in fog when we awoke. The locals posited that it would lift by noon but they were wrong, as it was still foggy as we retired to our hotel for the night.

Nevertheless we enjoyed wandering around what is a very attractive city.

We decided that a foggy day was an excellent time to visit the Casemates du Bock, the remnants of a 23km long network of underground rooms and passages that were developed over the centuries as shelters for thousands of soldiers and their horses, workshops, kitchens, bakeries and so forth. Art in the parkWhen the city was de-fortified after the 1867 declaration of neutrality many of these tunnels were demolished but there is still a sizeable section of this rabbit warren to explore. There is not a lot to see but it has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status and was a great place to be on an indifferent day.

However, it was not all 'indoors' and underground as the passages frequently opened up to wonderful vistas (if ever so slightly foggy) over the city and the valleys around it.

Although the fog persisted we followed the town trail through the city and along the valleys.

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