Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hideaways - 16 June 2007

Moseley Old HallAfter an 11 a.m. appointment in Birmingham, we threaded our way across Birmingham to the NT property of Moseley Old Hall. There had been heavy thunderstorms during the last two days, so we were glad to be inside on a tour of the house during a downpour.

After losing the Battle of Worcester in 1651, King Charles II sheltered here, aged 21, 9 years before he returned as King. We saw the bed he slept in, complete with original bed hangings. Moseley Old HallThere was a priest hole he also hid in when the Roundheads came calling. It was during this escape that Charles hid in an oak tree, this episode being the origin of the phrase “Royal Oak”.

From here we continued on to Kinver, to finally see inside the Rock Houses, Rock House at Holy Austin, Kinver Edgewhich were closed when we visited in April.

They are really interesting and although only two rooms are furnished; they still give the effect of what it would be like to live here. We could see the heavy rain clouds over Birmingham, but on the hills it was fine.

We decided to risk the weather, and set out on an eight-mile walk. The air was crisp and the views superb. The turning point in the walk was a country church and we listened to the bells pealing as we crossed the fields towards it. The public footpath went through the churchyard and right past the front door. Country churchOrdinarily this is not a problem but we did feel rather out-of-place tromping through the massed wedding guests, them in their finery, us in our shorts and boots.

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