Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Bard was here - 23 June 2007

Harvard HouseStratford-upon-Avon is one of the most dramatic (as well as touristy) towns in England, with many fine Tudor buildings.

As we are going to The Globe theatre next month, we felt a little background research on the play’s author would be in order. Although touristy, the Shakespeare heritage sites are well worth visiting. Shakespeare's birthplaceThey offer a good deal where, for £14, you can purchase a discounted ticket to visit all of the remaining houses connected to Shakespeare. Nash House
We started with Shakespeare’s birthplace and home when growing up; next were the houses owned by his two daughters; and, thrown in for good measure, was Harvard House - connected to the founder of and now owned by Harvard University. All houses were Tudor and all different. Hall's CroftWe particularly like Hall’s Croft, house of one daughter and her Doctor husband. All houses included interesting facts of the Shakespeare’s life and times.

Although the day was showery, the weather forecast suggested that the showers would clear away by 5pm so, as we were only two days past the longest day, it was no problem starting out on an eight mile walk at 5pm. But for the first time ever, we got ourselves lost and, by missing a turning, basically walked around in a large circle. AlcesterThis took us back to the track we had come on from Alcester so we retraced our steps to the starting point and ended up in the right place eventually. Alcester is well worth a visit, and we relaxed in one of its many pubs and had an excellent dinner to celebrate our safe return.

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Craig (mars-hill) said...

The one thing we're missing because of our decision to see the Baltics is Summer Shakespeare. It was an institution back in Auckland...ahh...

So enjoy the Globe. We'll be being jealous ;)